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Sports First Aid Kit

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A sports first aid kit is an essential tool for a coach or first aider to treat a variety of sporting injuries and provides treatment so that players can stay in the game. The kit is ideal for any sport such as cricket, rugby, football, netball etc. Irrespective of whether you are in a Sunday league or a professional premier league, this kit will help treat minor injuries immediately.

Contained in a clearly labelled, easy to grab blue bag, the kit contains first aid equipment that will ensure you are well equipped to deal with any outdoor activities. Each sports kit contains washproof plasters and bandages, dressings, as well as freeze and heat sprays for twists and sprains. Also provided is an instant ice pack, a foil blanket, eye wash pods, and many more essential medical goods.

Ensuring the contents are together and well protected, they are housed in a durable fabric bag. With the Sports First Aid Kit, medium to high-risk sporting injuries are catered for in emergency situations.

  • Guidance leaflet
  • Assorted washproof plasters x20
  • Finger dressings x2
  • Low adherent dressings (7.5x7.5cm and 10x10cm) x3 each
  • HSE Dressings x2 large, x1 medium
  • Crepe bandage (5x4.5cm) x1
  • Triangular bandage x2
  • Eye pad dressing x1
  • Freeze spray x1
  • Heat spray x1
  • Foil blanket x1
  • Instant ice pack x1
  • Cleansing wipes x10
  • Vinyl gloves x3 pairs
  • Microporous tape x1
  • Safety pins x6
  • Scissors x1

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