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Wet Chemical Extinguisher

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Wet Chemical Extinguisher

The UK's love of fried food demanded a better form of fire safety for cooking fat fires than a normal extinguisher, and so Chubb Fire created their FryFighter - and ours is identical as it is made by Thomas Glover (Chubb Fire sister company) in the same factory. 

What are the Benefits of Wet Chemical Extinguishers?

This extinguisher was so unique that a new fire class, Class F, was devised to accommodate it. This classification comprises kitchen fires, making them especially useful in domestic or commercial kitchen settings, involving cooking oils and fats. And if you're looking to equip a high-end restaurant with a Class F extinguisher, we also stock the Multichem Chrome Extinguisher to match luxury interiors.

Wet chemical extinguishers can also be used on Class A fires involving paper, wood, and other flammable materials.

These Class F extinguishers work by saponification (creating a soapy layer across the entire surface of the oil), smothering the flames and cooling the oil at the same time. One 6-litre wet chemical fire extinguisher is sufficient to contain a 75-litre fat fire burning at a blistering 340 degrees.


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