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First Aid

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First Aid

HSE or BSI First Aid Kits?

A frequently asked question about first aid kits is what is the between the HSE first aid kit and the BSI first aid kit?

Looking at the recommendations and guidance of the Health and Safety Executive, the HSE kit is smaller 'and adequate in a normal consumer application'. The favoured choice for small offices who have no specific risks of injury and fire, these kits are among the cheapest available which suffice for normal purposes.

It should be noted that each employer should carry out a risk assessment for all workspace on an ongoing basis to ensure that he has the correct complement of first aid safety equipment on hand.

The alternative, the BSI kit is more comprehensive and the contents are in accordance with the First Aid at Work - Guidance and Regulations. Addressing a far wider range of commonplace injuries, the BSI kit (British Standards Institute) is suitable for more commonplace work injuries such as burns and eye injuries.

In accordance with the British Standards Institute well known BS8599-1 rules, the BSI kits endorse enhanced minimum first aid kit recommendations, ensuring you are prepared for a wider range of medical emergencies and injuries.         


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