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Corner Guards and Wall Protectors

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Corner Guards and Wall Protectors

Corner Guards offer a cost-effective and long-term option for protecting vulnerable corners, edges, and supporting columns against the costly structural damage caused by accidental contact with vehicles, industrial machinery, and mobile trolleys. The cushioning provided by a corner protector also works to lessen the impact of a minor collision and the resulting damage to the vehicle involved and your property. The reflective yellow-and-black markings of the corner guards ensure they comply with the EU directive EC92/58 for traffic safety equipment. Most importantly, the bold black-and-yellow colour combination serves to highlight physical structures and high-risk conduits, helping drivers and the operators of industrial machinery like lorries, forklifts, and pallet trucks to avoid potential dangers and obstacles. These versatile corner guards are designed to be quick and easy-to-install. They are suitable for internal and external use and come in a variety of absorption and durability profiles to meet whatever level of impact protection you demand. Corner Guards are ideal for deployment in any location where vehicles and machinery face the possibility of collision or are likely to cause chips, scuffs or structural damage. Our quality corner impact protectors can be used in multiple situations from commercial properties and public buildings – like parking garages, the guard rails marking the bend in a road, hospital and laboratory corridors and corners – to more heavy-duty environments like warehouses, factories, loading bays, racking, conveyor belts, girders, production zones, and partitions. We also stock replacement rubber for our heavy-duty corner guard, helping you to maximise its lifespan.


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