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Whether you’re needing to make yourself heard in an emergency, or just generally have something important to say, Megaphones are a great and easy way of speaking clearly without needing to strain your voice. With a wide range to choose from, you should have no problem finding one to suit your specific needs.

With compact and lightweight megaphones, they’re easy to sling over your shoulder and carry with you so you have them when you need to make an announcement. Yet, they remain robust enough to meet tough demands and will ensure you’re still heard up to 700 metres away. This is the perfect choice for performing fire drills in small premises, as well as sports days, fetes and fairs.

Megaphone Features

Our wide choice of megaphones means there is a lot more available than the standard megaphone which you simply speak into. New technologies mean megaphones are available which can do a lot more.

You can choose to have a megaphone with a wired handheld microphone, or a wireless microphone which would allow you wander around whilst keeping the megaphone in a fixed place.

Also ideal for when you’re putting on an event are megaphones which have audio playback. You can simply plug in an AUX device, USB, or SD card, through which you can play audio files. That could be music to really help your occasion go off with a bang, or pre-recorded audio files so you haven’t got to constantly repeat yourself.

And don’t forget those batteries either to help power your megaphone, although some also benefit from a power cable to allow for a reliable form of communication from a fixed point.


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