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Firexo All Fires Extinguishers

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Firexo All Fires Extinguishers

Our Firexo All Fires Extinguishers, as the name suggests, are suitable for dealing with any type of fire, from the most common types to the most specialised causes. With impressive fire ratings, you may no longer need to have multiple types of fire extinguishers on your premises to tackle different threats, reducing confusion and training requirements. All fires, just one extinguisher; these units pack a powerful punch in taking down fires arising from any source. Fire safety has never been more innovative!

Firexo extinguishers are the first of their kind to receive full BSI approval to EN3 and the British Kitemark, with UKCA and CE Marked too. This makes them the ideal choice for your home, the 2-litre All Fires Extinguisher will ensure you're prepared for any situation, from your kitchen to your garage and shed. The larger 6-litre All Fires Extinguisher is perfect for most business properties, including commercial kitchens, thanks to its highest available Class F rating.

Which Fires are the Firexo Extinguishers Suitable For?

The All Fires Extinguisher covers a wide range of fires. It can handle Class A fires (involving wood, paper, etc.), Class B fires (involving flammable liquids), Class C fires (involving flammable gases), Class D fires (involving flammable metals including lithium, magnesium and potassium), and Class F fires (involving cooking fats and oil). It is also suitable for electrical fires (tested on electrical systems up to 35 kV) and lithium-ion batteries.

In addition, Firexo extinguishers have higher fire ratings and longer discharge times, providing ample firepower in case of an emergency. Furthermore, these extinguishers can operate in extreme temperatures ranging from -15°C to +60°C, making them reliable in all British weather conditions, regardless of storage location.

Where Should I Install the All Fires Extinguishers?

In business premises, fire extinguishers should be placed near emergency exit routes, ensuring that no one has to travel a long distance to reach the nearest unit. They are used to extinguish fires in the early stages or to assist with evacuations. Additionally, they should be located near specific fire risks, usually as indicated in fire assessments, which may include kitchens, areas with at-risk materials, or near machinery.

The Firexo fire extinguishers are also suitable for vehicles, ensuring preparedness for any situation while travelling. And in your home, they will prepare you for any fire you may encounter, whether it's a lithium battery in a device, a cooking mishap, or a DIY disaster.

Is the Firexo All Fires Extinguisher Safe?

You can be confident that the Firexo extinguisher range has been tested to ensure there is no risk to the health of people or the environment. The extinguishing agent inside is eco-friendly and biodegradable, with the main active ingredients including ammonium sulfate, water, and nitrogen, which also act as fertilizers to aid in plant growth. If used indoors, it is easy to clean the area with warm soapy water to remove any residue.

Furthermore, they are completely free from harmful PFOA and PFAS chemicals.

How Do I Maintain My All Fires Extinguisher?

Just like our other fire extinguishers for commercial properties, the Firexo All Fires Extinguisher range should be commissioned and serviced annually to fully comply with BS 5306 and to satisfy your insurance company.


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