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Cable Protectors

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Cable Protectors

Prevent accidental slips, trips and falls caused by trailing cables and hosing in workplaces and public spaces. With solutions available for inside and out, in pedestrian areas and traffic environments, our range of cable protectors will also prevent damage to the cables which can eventually cause disconnection, electrocution and fires.

Perfect for temporary and permanent use, our popular floor cable protector is often found in offices to tidy and hide cables. Available in different lengths, it’s a cost-effective way to prevent one of the most common causes of accidents in the workplace.

Outdoor Cable Protectors

Our range of external cable protectors is available in 1, 2, 3 and 5 channel versions. Often found at festivals, markets and other temporary events, they’re also a popular choice for construction sites, warehouses and factories as a permanent or temporary solution.

Not only are these cable guards designed to protect cables and prevent accidents, but they can also be used as a speed bump to reduce traffic speeds down to 5mph. This allows them to be used around cars, forklifts and even HGVs.

Interconnectable, they allow for longer runs of cables and hosing to be laid and protected, but also secured.


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