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PPE Accessories

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PPE Accessories

PPE Accessories

When you are working in an industrial setting or on a construction site, there are many required PPE accessories to not only allow you to fully comply with site rules and regulations, but also make your life that little bit easier.

Torches, Head Torches, and Work Lights

Our range of lighting solutions ensures that the task at hand can always be seen. To provide a bright light to the area in which you are working, we have a range of inspection lights that can either be handheld, hung, or mounted to a magnetic surface. Or, for instances where you’re working close up or walking around site, you can always see where you’re going, be seen, and remain truly hands-free at all times with our head torches.

Additionally, our hazard warning lights can warn approaching vehicles/pedestrians of potential risks or obstructions, while our work lights illuminate an entire work area with ease. Our range of LED zip pullers also ensures that even in low light conditions, you will remain safe and seen.

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Existing safety precautions in the workplace can be supplemented with Worker ID Tags – providing essential information that is available immediately in the event of a medical emergency or serious accident. Our range includes ICE ID Tags which can either be attached to your keys, hard hat, or other PPE.

In order to identify individuals, their medical needs, and emergency contacts without delay, the ID Tags are the perfect choice for many industrial and construction sites who often require all workers, contractors, sub-contractors, and visitors to wear one.

However, the ID Tags can also be used when carrying out particular tasks or to have with you in your day-to-day life, with many of them suitable for personal use.

You can also check out our full range of site safety solutions which includes health and safety posters, basic fire safety, hot work kits, and cable reel holders.


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