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Intumescent Fire Stopping

Intumescent Fire Stopping

While it is not always possible to prevent a fire from starting, with Intumescent Fire Stopping products, you can prevent it from spreading throughout your home or workplace. As a result, the fire is limited to just one area, which gives people plenty of time to exit, reduces the risk to life, and limits the damage a fire can cause.

Any normal room is likely to have many ‘weak spots’ when it comes stopping a fire in its tracks. This can be gaps around and in the door, cavity spaces in the ceiling, or pipework which goes through a wall.

The smallest of gaps can cause heat, smoke, and fire to spread from one area to another. With the installation of intumescent fire stopping products you’re making it hard for a fire to spread, or at least increase the time it would take.

Intumescent Fire Stopping

Intumescent strips and smoke seals contain a substance which, when exposed to heat, swells to increase the volume but not the density. In other words, it expands to fill the void and is very useful in providing a smoke and fire barrier when temperatures rise to extreme levels.

This is a hard expanding intumescent and is often found mixed with graphite or sodium silicates to produce a product which expands rapidly to fill space.

The other type of intumescent available is a soft char which produces ash which is a very poor conductor of heat to act as an insulator. It is sometimes coupled with a hydrate to keep it cool.

Fire Door Seals

Regulations require fire doors to have an effective seal at all times which is the reason for why they must always be kept shut. That way, if a fire breaks out in the room, the rest of the premises will be unaffected by smoke and fire for a period of time for an effective evacuation.

However, every gap in the door needs to seal in the event of a fire. This includes the gaps around the glass, letterboxes, locks, and door viewers. Luckily, we stock a wide range of products which do just that.

That even goes for ventilation grilles which you often find on doors to server rooms. They give the required ventilation in normal conditions, but can then seal shut in a fire to give up to 60 minutes of fire protection.

Mind The Gap

With fire rated mastics and foams which act like an ordinary sealant, they give the added reassurance of effective fire retardant properties as well. This keeps seals airtight for longer in the event of a fire.

Pipes and ducts which travel between walls and floors give the perfect passage for a fire to travel through in order to spread. Or at least that would be the case had you not installed pipe collars, wraps, sleeves and other intumescent fire stopping products. These will expand inwards in intense heat to seal the pipe and act as a fire stop.

Making Items Fire Resistant

Our fire retardant spray can be applied onto any untreated and unpainted absorbent material, such as fabrics, wood, cardboard, foam, paper and hessian. When exposed to heat, they will char instead of catching alight.

Non-toxic, odourless, and otherwise unnoticeable, it creates an invisible shield which will deflect heat and reduce the ability for a fire to start or spread.


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