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Carbon Monoxide Detector

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Carbon Monoxide Detector

Crafted to detect harmful airborne particles thanks to their advanced biomimetic sensors, Carbon Monoxide Detectors alert occupants of carbon monoxide leaks, often caused by poorly maintained or malfunctioning appliances such as gas cookers, gas boiler faults, and generators. 

These indispensable building upgrades ensure that all occupants are safe from the dangers of carbon monoxide leaks by alerting occupants in the event of danger, prompting fast evacuation or escape to safety.

Where Do I Place A Carbon Monoxide Detector? 

Each of our devices is compact in size and suitable for placement in various rooms or areas in a home or building. These are recommended to be placed in rooms at risk of exposure to carbon monoxide leaks, such as kitchens and boiler areas. Either place the device close to a high-risk area, or simply install onto a wall.

We offer varied detectors with or without a display, and even offer a Combined Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm to provide double the safety for your home or building! 

You can even carry a Portable Carbon Monoxide Alarm so you'll be safe anywhere you go! Often, these aren't installed in AirB&Bs and other locations, so you can have peace of mind when travelling with a handy CO device.


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