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Fire Fighting Foam Equipment

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Fire Fighting Foam Equipment

When it comes to tackling a fire involving flammable liquids, then you need fire fighting foam equipment as it will extinguish the flames far more effectively. With the foam covering the liquid, it cools the flames and smothers it of oxygen.

These products have been developed by industry experts and are recommended by fire fighting professionals for use in high-risk situations. This is thanks to their durability, versatility, portability, and performance.

With foam branchpipes, they’re lightweight, easy to use, and fit onto your fire fighting hose to foam the water as you spray it. For larger operations, you can choose a foam generator, or the mobile foam unit works similarly when connected to a suitable-pressurised water supply to give a foam output.

There is also a hand-held foaming unit which works without connecting to a water supply, and works where large foam extinguishers are just not enough.


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