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Automatic Extinguishers

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Automatic Extinguishers

Automatic fire extinguishers are essentially the same as ordinary extinguishers - with one important difference. The squeeze grip handles are replaced with a glass bulb, filled with a heat-sensitive liquid. As the temperature rises, the liquid expands, and when temperatures rise above a certain temperature, the bulb breaks, activating the extinguisher. A specially adapted spray head then covers the surrounding area in the fire fighting agent, either powder, or clean agent gas (for expensive or sensitive electrical equipment).

Superb in confined areas such as engine rooms or boats, an automatic fire extinguisher can have detected, deployed and extinguished a fire probably before the premises or boat owner even knows one has broken out! They are also suitable for agricultural machinery, mining equipment and telecoms installations.

What sets automatic powder extinguishers apart from clean gas extinguishers?

Automatic powder extinguishers are widely chosen for two main reasons: their versatility in combating various types of fires and their affordability. However, one drawback is the potential for after-fire damage. On the other hand, clean gas extinguishers, although more expensive, utilize the FK-5-1-12 gas as a clean agent. This ensures that no damage or mess is left behind after extinguishing a fire, making them suitable for protecting sensitive equipment. Additionally, as the extinguishing agent is in the form of a gas, it can rapidly disperse across a localised area.

Should I Choose A Wall or Ceiling Automatic Extinguisher?

When selecting an automatic fire extinguisher, the decision between ceiling-mounted and wall-mounted depends on the nature of the fire hazard you are safeguarding against. Ceiling-mounted extinguishers excel in providing coverage for an entire room by dispersing extinguishing agents effectively. This is particularly beneficial for environments like engine rooms or server cupboards, where the extinguisher's compatibility with the room is ensured. These extinguishers are suspended from the ceiling through a bracket, allowing for centralised positioning within the room.

On the other hand, wall-mounted automatic extinguishers are designed to protect specific equipment directly, assuming they can be mounted above it. They come with a bracket that securely fastens the extinguisher to a wall or another surface, maintaining its vertical orientation. However, some of our wall-mounted fire extinguishers also feature telescopic brackets, enabling suspension away from the wall. This flexibility is ideal for areas with high ceilings or insufficient ceiling strength to support the extinguisher's weight.


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