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First Aid Posters

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First Aid Posters

First Aid Posters

First aid posters, prominently displayed in the workplace, are essential practice for any company where injuries may be sustained, such as material handling or chemical companies and many more. Displayed in a communal area, or next to specific threats, these are suitable for first aiders and non-first aiders alike to administer potentially lifesaving care.

The posters display emergency treatment that can be applied in the case of injury. Knowing what to do when someone falls or is injured through a substance spill is important in that the correct sequence of treatment is necessary. These easy to read and graphically illustrated posters show the steps that should be followed when an injury occurs.

These safety posters are compiled by health and safety practitioners and are fully up-to-date. All are ruggedly reinforced having a laminated construction and therefore long lasting with easy-to-read text, and are suitable for hanging or affixing to a flat surface with back-to-back sticky tape. 


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