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Fire Rated Mastics and Foams

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Fire Rated Mastics and Foams

Fire Rated Mastics and Foams are ideal for those times when you’ve had to make a hole in the wall to install something such as pipes or wires and need to fill resulting gaps with a fire-resisting material. Smoke and fire will find any little gaps to make their way through and spread a fire.

When it comes to sealing small gaps, our intumescent mastic is applied like any ordinary mastic, except it gives four-hour fire resistance. Insert the cartridge into an application gun and it will seal those gaps around doors, windows, pipes, cables, and other small holes. These can then painted over like normal.

When you have a larger hole, fire rated foam is perfect for filling larger voids and is even easier to apply as it comes in an aerosol can. When in contact with fire, it produces a char which then provides 2-hour fire resistance, and can also be painted.

Fire Retardant Spray

Most things in your home or workplace are probably flammable, and will therefore further enable the ability for a fire to spread, and it happens quicker than you’ll ever expect. With those items you want to protect which are made from any absorbent natural or synthetic materials, they can be treated with a fire retardant spray.

Suitable for use on cloth, foam, cardboard, paper, and untreated wood, the fire retardant spray is colourless, odourless and non-toxic. Simply spray it on, completely soaking the material, and let it dry. Easy to use, it will only need re-treating if the material becomes wet.

When exposed to extreme heat, it will create a carbonised shield which will deflect that heat and prevent the item from combusting.


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