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Sounders and Beacons

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Sounders and Beacons


It is a requirement of every fire alarm system to use audio as a way of raising the alarm. It means that everyone is instantly warned of a threat once it has been detected.

It needs to be loud and grab everyone’s attention, no matter what they’re doing. That’s why many sounders come with the ability to choose which sound it makes and how loud. As a result, you can tailor it to the needs of its location.

Although the red alarm sounder is commonplace, there are alternatives. For example, you can choose a discreet sounder which won’t spoil the aesthetics of the room but still complies with fire safety regulations.


It’s a good idea to pair auditory methods of raising the alarm with visual ways as well. That way, you can be certain that everyone can receive the warning, regardless of what they’re doing.

They are perfectly suited to industrial settings as they can warn everyone even when there is a high level of noise. With machinery operating and people wearing hearing protection, they can still be alerted. As can those with a hearing impairment.

These can be adjusted to suit the needs of their location, by altering the flash rate and manage the current.

Combined Sounder and Beacons

Combined sounder and beacons units are an effective method for doing this. As both parts are incorporated into one device, they only need one installation point, reducing the cost and time of fitted them. Plus, they’ll look a lot less obtrusive as well.

In situations like factories, where noise levels are high and it is commonplace to head ear protection, these are a great answer. Their bright beacons will mean they always get seen, and loud sounder, with volume and tone control, should have no difficulty being heard either.


Fire bells sound and look like the old fashioned rotary alarms. But these are connected to your fire alarm system, and will all sound in unison when they receive. So once the fire alarm panel received a signal from call point or detector, fire bell will then sound.

Although primarily designed as a fire warning, the fire bell also has applications in schools and other environments. But to avoid confusion, you’ll want to ensure everyone knows what all the different sounds mean.


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