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Fire Brigade Equipment

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Fire Brigade Equipment

It isn’t just the fire service who use fire brigade equipment, but also many businesses require their own onsite fire brigade, or at the least need access to professional level equipment.

Used often in marine and aviation environments, fire brigade equipment is also at defence sectors, nuclear facilities, chemical, and other major industries. Having large fire hoses which are capable of delivering large volumes of water is vital in such locations to prevent small emergencies from quickly becoming a major incident.

With all the professional-standard products and the correct training, a fire emergency won’t faze your staff.

Fire Brigade Fire Fighting Hoses

The type-2 lay flat fire hose meets the British Standard and is strong and robust enough to withstand the demands of being used in extreme environments. The tough polyurethane coating is resistant to scuffing and other wear caused by being dragged over concrete or other rough surfaces and can reach up to 23 metres.

Fire Brigade Standard Standpipes

For those of a certain age, the standpipe will bring back memories of drought in the 70s. Today they’re still used by the fire service when they need additional water but are also used by various other industries with a licence, such as street and graffiti cleaners, to tap into the mains water supply.

Rapid access is often required to the fire hydrant, which is why hydrant keys are so useful, and why standpipes are quick to ready for action.

Branchpipes and Nozzles

To ensure the water hits the exact spot with precision and speed, branchpipes and nozzles fitted onto the end of the fire brigade hose are exactly what you need. When you need to deliver a complete drenching, then the branchpipe with its powerful water jet is ideal for the job, or use a nozzle for when you need a little more accuracy.


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