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Flammable Storage

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Flammable Storage

These yellow Flammable Storage Cabinets offer safe and dependable flammable liquid storage and protection. Devastating accidents and worker injuries are prevented. And they’re suitable whether you’re storing large quantities, or looking for an efficient solution to make working with hazardous liquids easier.

Thanks to sturdy steel construction and powder coating, these Flammable Storage Cabinets are chemical and fire resistant. And there are many other features which make this so. Insulating air space offer fire protection, whilst dual vents with flame arresters and grounding connectors reduce the sources of ignition.

You can also rest assured that the dangerous contents are also secure. A clever handle means it is self-latching, whilst also featuring a cylinder lock with keys, and also accepts a padlock.

In fact, with the self-closing versions of the Flammable Storage Cabinets, they will also shut themselves in fire conditions. A fusible link on the doors means they will automatically close tight if the temperatures reach 74℃.

Even the shelves, which use stable brackets to secure in place at your desired position, also have spill control abilities. That means that any spillages are directed to the back of the cabinet and drains down into a leak-proof sump at the bottom of the unit.

With highly visible reflective signs, there is also no excuse for not knowing what is behind the doors.

However, it is important that you ensure the correct types of liquids are stored in Flammable Storage Cabinets. These are designed solely for the purpose of keeping flammables safe. If you are after safety cabinets for other types of chemicals, our customer service team will be able to point you in the right direction.


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