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Hanging Signs

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Hanging Signs

Hanging signs offer significant advantages in various settings due to their visibility and versatility, and their double-sided feature enhances their utility even further. They prominently display safety instructions in high-traffic areas, making them an effective tool for directing people and conveying important information. By suspending these signs from ceilings or overhead fixtures, they can be positioned to catch the attention of individuals approaching from multiple directions, maximising their visibility and ensuring that key messages are seen by everyone, regardless of their vantage point.

Where Should I Install Hanging Signs?

With information displayed on both sides, these signs provide visibility from different angles, which is particularly useful in environments where people might be moving in various directions. For example, in large open spaces such as shopping centres, airports, or industrial facilities, double-sided hanging signs can guide individuals to important locations, such as fire exits. This not only enhances the efficiency of navigation within the space but also reduces the clutter of multiple signs that might otherwise be necessary.

Moreover, double-sided hanging signs can be particularly beneficial in situations where space is limited. In crowded environments or areas with high foot traffic, using double-sided signs allows for more streamlined and effective communication without taking up additional wall space. This is especially valuable in areas where wall-mounted signs might be obstructed by other fixtures or where wall space is scarce. By utilising both sides of the sign, organisations can make the most of available space while still providing comprehensive directional and informational guidance.


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