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FFP2 Face Masks - 10 Pack

Product no: OX-FFP2-10
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The fold flat FPP2 face masks come individually wrapped so it is handy to keep one with you until needed, whether you’re wearing it general protection or while working with hazardous materials. Available in white or black, each mask has elastic ear loops and comes with mask extenders, which a little device that allows you fix this behind your ears for a more comfortable fit that prevents soreness. The masks also feature an adjustable nose clip, designed for different face shapes and sizes.

Sold in quantities of 10’s and box quantities of 20, the unvalved fold flat FFP2 face masks are EN149 Compliant and CE Certified. Hypoallergenic with fluid resistance, the masks benefit from 5 layers of high-density filtration. Plus, with high levels of filtration if at least 98.37%, and offering comfortable breathing with inhalation resistance of just 1.9 mbar, the FFP2 masks are suitable to wear all day long.

Be sure to only buy your face masks from reputable suppliers such as ourselves who have sold face masks and dust masks for many years - N95 is the USA Code, KN95 the Chinese, KF94 is Korean standard which do not meet UK and European standards.

Please Note: Due to hygiene, FFP2 Face Masks are exempt from our standard returns policy.

  • Meets FFP2 European Regulation Standards EN149:2001+A1:2009, CE Certified
  • 5 layers of high-density filtration
  • High Level Filtration of at least 98.37% (requirement is at least 94%)
  • Comfortable Breathing - Inhalation Resistance is 1.9 mbar (requirement is not more than 2.4 mbar resistance)
  • Extra device to fix behind the head preventing sore ears
  • Adjustable nose bridge and seamless fit
  • Soft to touch and for greater comfort
  • FFP2 filtration levels
  • Fluid Resistant, Hypoallergenic
  • Manufactured by OmniTex

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