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Fire Nozzles and Branchpipes

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Fire Nozzles and Branchpipes

Having Fire Nozzles and Branchpipes with your fire brigade equipment is essential as they allow you to control the water flow and direction. This will make firefighting safer, faster, and more effective.

There is a wide range available, meaning you should have no problem finding the right one to fit your fire hose, and to suit its intended use. They’re low maintenance and are capable of meeting the tough demands for many years thanks to their quality design and construction.

You can produce a curtain of water with the Hydroshield, a powerful jet of water with a branchpipe, or for ultimate and easy control of the water flow, an automatic mainline nozzle.

Whichever Fire Nozzle or Branchpipe you pick, although they are powerful, they are easy to use. However, you may want to practice using them before there’s a fire emergency so you learn and understand how they operate.


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