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Spill Kits

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Spill Kits

Employers owning or managing any workplace where liquids are stored and/or should be aware that the regulations require spill kits to be on the premises in close proximity to the material. Depending on the nature of the liquids stored or used, it may be necessary to have more than one type of spill kit. Regardless of the safe measures taken to prevent spillages, there may be an occasion where a spill occurs. In this event, a spill kit is necessary to effectively soak the liquid, preventing any contamination to the environment and staff on site.   

Our spill kits are suitable for the cleaning up of any spills and there are various kits available depending on the liquids present. The range includes spill kits of varying sizes and also specialized kits for certain liquids. Starting at 20-litres and up to 240-litres depending on the size of the premises or workshop, these spill kits are designed to handle any type of liquid spills, such as solvents and water, hazardous chemical and oils.

A simple garage where mechanics are servicing vehicles are likely to only require a small kit, such as out 20 or 50 litre options. Our medium and larger spill kits are designed to combat spills where larger volumes of liquid are stored. The responsibility is on the employer, owner, and manager of the facility where the materials are stored, to comply with the safety regulations, for example EA/SEPA/NIEA pollution prevention guidelines (PPG26).

How To Choose The Right Spill Kit

The most popular choice is the EVO spill kit which can combat and clean up most spillages. Having an ultra-low carbon footprint, the EVO kit consists of recycled cotton fibres rather than standard pads. Being 25% more absorbent than most, these fibres will deal with absorbing hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, engine oil, antifreeze, solvents and coolants.

The General-Purpose spill kit is a great and best choice for absorbing all coolants, antifreeze, oil, water, weak chemical solutions and solvents.

The Oil and Fuel spill kit is designed, and specially suited for waterways, marinas and streams. It will not absorb water thereby making it a good general-purpose marine area cleanser.

The Chemicals Spill Kit will safely absorb, and is designed especially for, acids, alkalis, strong chemicals and solvents, although it is not suitable for any oxidizers.

If any materials are stored off site which may be subject to spills, a vehicle provided with a suitable spill kit should be at the ready.     


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