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Designer Chrome

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Designer Chrome

Fire extinguishers have never been the prettiest of objects - until now! At last, you can combine high performance and safety standards with great looks with our range of chrome fire extinguishers.

Pick and mix your requirements from CO2, foam and water.

Plus, choose a sinuous chrome fire extinguisher stand for your fire extinguisher, and it'll become a thing of beauty - almost!

These good-looking fire extinguishers are not actually made from chrome at all, but instead are constructed from tough, non-corroding stainless steel. On the outside, they are highly polished to give a mirror finish, completed by a BSEN3-style labeling, hose, levers and anti-tamper seal. Over time, the inside of conventional red extinguishers will corrode away, but stainless steel does not, so your extinguishers will have a longer useful life.

Our fire extinguishers are made in the Chubb Fire factory and meet all required safety standards but, as they do not have red paint, no chrome extinguisher can carry the Kitemark.


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