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Searchlights & Torches

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Searchlights & Torches

Sweep across the pitch-black darkness with Searchlights & Torches, designed to produce reliable beams of light that stretch several metres ahead to illuminate safe paths, detect hazards, and prevent accidental falls.

Made to offer multiple hours of safety lighting, these devices can be used in domestic, warehouse, industrial, commercial, business, and rural settings.

What Is A Searchlight Used For?

Designed with powerful concentrated beams, searchlights offer high-intensity light to illuminate through darkness, and can also be a beacon of light to alert others of your presence.

How Many Lumens Is In A Searchlight?

Our wide selection of searchlights and torches have various light strengths, ranging from 300 up to 16,000 lumens! Whether you're looking to navigate easily around outdoor environments or cast a beacon of light that stretches throughout wide vicinities, our range of searchlights can offer you exactly what you're after to meet your needs.

How Far Do Searchlights Cast Their Beams?

Our range of searchlights offers more than standard torches as they can reach distances of up to 500 metres away. 


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