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Dry Riser Cabinets

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Dry Riser Cabinets

Dry Riser Cabinets need to provide sufficient fire engine access so that it is easy for the fire brigade to get immediate access to the system at all points. There needs to be a maximum distance of 18 metres between the inlet box and where the fire engine will park.

In occupied buildings, such as high-rise flats, the system needs to be within a fire resistant shaft which is typically in one the building’s fire escape staircase enclosures. This is so that the fire service can safely and quickly get access to the outlet valve at ground level where the fire is located, enabling for the quickest response possible.

Dry Riser Cabinets are available for all installation types, for inlets and outlets, and to be recessed or surface mounted. Where needed, there is also floor mounted inlet cabinet as well.


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