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Lith-Ex Extinguishers

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Lith-Ex Extinguishers

Lith-Ex Extinguishers

Lithium-ion batteries are used heavily in the modern world, and although not a common occurrence, a difficult challenge is presented in the event they were to explode or catch fire. This is where a Lith-Ex fire extinguisher becomes a safe and incredibly effective option.

Capable of causing danger to life or extensive damage, lithium-ion batteries typically only present a risk when they take an impact, are overcharged, get damaged, or are exposed to heat extremes. The chemical reaction then produces a flammable gas which could potentially cause the device to burst into flames. This cannot be put out by any traditional fire extinguishers, including powder. A lithium battery fire extinguisher ensures you are kept safe from fires caused by faulty or overheated batteries.

With notable battery failings including the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in 2017 and the popularity of lithium-ion batteries ever-increasing, it’s safe to say that a suitable, safe and effective fire extinguisher was needed. These batteries are now used in laptops, phones, drones, mobility scooters, toys, tools, boats, yachts, and vehicles, for the storage of solar power, and in the aviation industry.

How Do Lith-Ex Fire Extinguishers Work?

AVD (Aqueous Vermiculite Dispersion) – a non-toxic and revolutionary extinguishing agent, is contained within each Lith-Ex extinguisher and is deployed as a mist. When sprayed over the battery, it then creates a film over the surface which instantly dries to cool down the flames, prevent reignition, and creates an oxygen barrier so that the fire burns itself out.

Currently, there is no official fire class designed for lithium-ion batteries. This is because the fire industry is sometimes a little slow to catch up. In turn, this means that these fire extinguishers are unable to display British Kitemark, fire rating, or be approved to BS EN3. However, you can rest assured that these fire extinguishers are still manufactured in accordance with BS EN3 requirements, have undergone extensive testing, and are also CE Marked.

Available in sizes 400ml – 9 litres, you can benefit from adequate protection for your solar panel batteries, mobile phone, and everything in between. In fact, 2016 even saw the 400ml Lith-Ex fire extinguisher receiving a new product innovation award.


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