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Fire extinguisher plinths

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Fire extinguisher plinths

Providing a sturdy base to prevent extinguishers from being knocked over, our collection of Extinguisher Plinths supports extinguishers from accidental damage and trip hazards, ensuring preservation and condition. Their simple yet defensive design keeps extinguishers lifted from floors and is also easy to locate when placed in accessible locations.

Available in either a single or double design, plinths will support extinguishers in reaching their full lifespan by stopping external damage and preserving their quality.

What Are the Benefits of Extinguisher Plinths?

Our range of plinths are manufactured with recycled plastic, promoting the reuse of materials for safety purposes, and can hold various sizes and types of extinguishers to prevent damage. You can choose between a singular or double plinth to hold up to two extinguishers.

Plinths are especially useful in food preparation and cooking environments where various extinguishers are often found, helping to keep extinguishers on standby until they're needed in emergencies.

This selection of extinguisher accessories is also budget-friendly, making them a sought after addition for all types of buildings and industries.


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