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Construction Site Safety

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Construction Site Safety

Construction sites are hazardous places, so protect your workers with fire protection equipment that's always right where they need it.

Fire extinguishers are only useful if they are in full working order and easily accessible. Our tough, durable red fire extinguisher box protects your precious extinguishers from weather, mud and accidental spills, and when mounted on a wall or post, is easily spotted when required.

Each polyethylene shatterproof box can hold two 9kg fire extinguishers, so mix your fire extinguisher types for maximum protection, such as one water with one powder fire extinguisher, or a foam fire extinguisher and a CO2 extinguisher.

Construction sites are also very noisy, and with many workers wearing ear defenders, how can you be sure they would hear if a fire alarm was raised? Providing a range of alarms is the solution, from the traditional rotary fire alarm bell to the loud and impossible to ignore Howler alarm. (For larger sites, choose our battery powered 120db heavy duty Howler alarm.) If your workers are highly mobile on site, a gas horn can provide them with a quick and simple was to raise the alarm should they first discover a fire.


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