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Car Park Equipment

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Car Park Equipment

When you’re managing or providing private or public parking facilities, it’s crucial to ensure that people park and travel around the car park safely and considerately. Injuries and accidents do happen, but it doesn’t take much to reduce the risks, which protects your users, their vehicles and your property with our range of car park equipment and traffic flow devices.

A lot of our traffic and car park products are made of 100% recycled rubber, often taken from conveyor belts and waste tyres! This keeps costs and environmental impact low whilst still remaining tough enough for the task at hand.

Car Park Management

With a variety of products ideal for reducing vehicle speeds around your car park and the roading leading to them, we supply everything you need - and they’re long-lasting, too. We sell traffic mirrors, best placed at entrances or blind bends, to ensure drivers can see what’s oncoming to reduce collisions.

We also have a wide range of temporary barriers, ranging from post and chain kits, retractable barriers, traffic cones, VIP post and rope barriers and fencing pins solutions. These allow you to quickly rope off an unsafe area and control the flow of people and vehicles.

Best of all, all of our car park equipment is available for FREE next working day delivery, as standard.

Impact Protection

Unfortunately, accidents do happen, whether it’s driving too far forward into a parking space, swinging a car door open too wide, or reversing into a brick wall. Fortunately, there are measures you can take to avoid damaging your property and everyone’s vehicles.

Corner guards are a frequently used, cost-effective and easy to install solution. With black and yellow chevron design to make sure the hazard is easier to spot, they’re designed to withstand low impacts and cushion the blow. Additionally, wall guards are frequently  installed in car parks as well as loading bays, where they act as a barrier between a vehicle and the surface.

Parking Blocks and Wheel Stops

With multiple products available to suit your requirements, placing a parking block or wheel stop at the end of a parking space ensures you can’t drive too far forward. This improves parking positioning, and keeps pedestrian and cycling areas passable and will stop cars travelling once they reach the black. This also acts as a final line of defence for people pranging vehicles and walls.


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