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Flammable Storage Containers

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Flammable Storage Containers

When your job requires you to use flammable and volatile liquids, Flammable Storage Containers provide a method to make it as safe and efficient as you could reasonably achieve. They are available to help you with storage, dispensing, and using these liquids.

Many of the safety cans are manufactured using galvanised steel which has a powder coating, and that ensures they are strong, durable and have the ability to prevent reactions with the chemicals. For when there is a chance you’ll use corrosive liquids, then choosing the polyethylene option is the best option.

The safety cans also include a lot of technologies to ensure the dangerous contents is kept away from possible risks. Flame arresters and current-carrying carbon inserts prevent ignition as a result of flashback or static.

Whereas self-ventilating mechanisms prevent the pressure inside from building to dangerous levels which can eventually result in ruptures and explosions.

Liquid Storage, Travel, and Dispensing

You need to have a method you can rely on when you need to keep, move and pour volatile liquids. And with a range of different safety cans available, you should have no problem finding one to suit your needs.

Self-closing lids ensure you can’t forget to close the containers and seals it shut. But you can also get cans which have a latch that stays open to make pouring easier.

Other features which make pouring easier include faucets available in different sizes and positions. Or a flexible metal hose helps control the pour into small openings.

Some also have rounded handles which mean that even when filled to capacity with a heavy load, carrying it remains comfortable as it will not dig into your hand.

Working With Hazardous Liquids

In many jobs, you are required to use these volatile liquids, especially when it comes to cleaning. It may be that you’ve had a solvent or thinner on your rag, and then have nowhere safe to dispose of it.

These are prone to self-combustion and most at risk from stray sparks, so having a waste can near ensures it is stored in the correct environment. But to ensure you dispense the right amount of liquid onto the cloth with ease and without waste, a safety plunger can do this job excellently.

Or is if you need a sturdy and safe container to wash small elements in, then dip tanks and bench cans provide a convenient way of bathing them. Plus the content is stored safely until you need to use it again.


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