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Hi-Vis Vests

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Hi-Vis Vests

Hi-Vis Vests

Hi-Vis Vests are important for when you need to stay visible at all times to prevent accidents and to ensure you’re easily found in an emergency, whether that’s as a first aider, fire warden, or just a figure of authority.  And our range of sizes means everyone can remain protected whatever their stature.

Our spectrum of colours enables you to remain safe without sacrificing on style, with pink, red, green and blue available to choose from. These are perfect for everyday activities where you need to stay visible. This may be a horse rider or cyclist on public roads, or someone walking the dog in the evening. But they’re also handy for a teacher to remain seen at all times, or to quickly identify children from your school on a trip.

However, the more traditional yellow and orange colours are essential for workers in order to comply with the regulations of being on a construction site, roadworks, events marshalling and security. In fact, orange hi-vis clothing is the only type which is acceptable to wear in rail and underground environments.


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