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Cold Protected Extinguishers

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Cold Protected Extinguishers

Have you thought about what happens to a water or foam extinguisher when it is outside in the middle of winter? It freezes, and you would know nothing about it until it was too late. But an Antifreeze Fire Extinguisher is the solution with the ability to withstand lower temperatures (up to -9 degrees Celsius).

A frozen fire extinguisher means you cannot use it when you may need it, and plus it can cause the internal lining to become damaged. Apart from containing an antifreeze additive, Antifreeze Fire Extinguishers are exactly the same as their standard counterparts.

How Do I Use Antifreeze Extinguishers?

Water extinguishers are safe to use on Class A (wood, paper, cloth, etc) fires, and foam are suited to Class A and Class B (flammable liquid) fires, but DO NOT use on live electricals.

An Antifreeze Fire Extinguisher is perfect for camping sites and farms, as well as buildings like scout huts which don’t benefit from heating and can reach bitterly cold temperatures.


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