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Fire Hose

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Fire Hose

Whether you’re looking for a fire hose to fit fire brigade equipment, or just to attach to a normal garden hose tap, you’ll find a hose which will be perfect for what you need it for and your needs. You can depend on them in a fire emergency, or just for wash down.

19mm and 25mm Fire Hose

Joined to your water supply using gate valves, these are the more traditional sizes of hose which you’re more likely to find in a garden. However, unlike a garden hose, these are a lot tougher and made to withstand tough extremes, and are thankfully kink resistant whilst remaining flexible.

Made to the British Standard, they’re supplied in lengths of 30 and 45 metres, are suitable for everyday use, and will operate in temperatures between -20°C and +60°C.

Heavy Duty Fire Hose

Meeting all the relevant standards, and with UK Fire Service standard couplings, they’re not only fit for service, but can also be used by the fire brigade when they attend. Available in 18 and 23 metre lengths, their tough coating gives these hoses extra abrasion resistance to ensure they remain in tip-top condition for when you rely on them.

With the Type 2 Fire Hose ideal in most instances, the Type 3 is better suited to marine, petrochemical, or for constant use. This is thanks to its rubber nitrile construction which prevents kinking, and is resistant to oils, other chemicals and doesn’t need drying out.


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