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Designer Extinguishers

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Designer Extinguishers

Fire safety can be beautiful too thanks to the Designer Fire Extinguishers. With a choice of different finishes available, you should have no trouble finding one which will complement its surroundings.

Chrome, Gold, and Copper fire extinguishers mean you don’t have to spoil your carefully crafted interiors. They’ll suit a modern office, luxury hotel, contemporary bars and restaurants, and even Buckingham Palace.

And by being manufactured using stainless steel, they’re actually more resistant to corrosion than the red ones. This means they’ll last longer and are even suitable for swimming pools and other marine environments. The only exception to this is the CO2 extinguishers which have to be made from a lightweight aluminium.

There is a whole range of different types of extinguisher to choose from, so you’ll have no problem finding one to suit so you comply with the Fire Safety Order 2005. That way, your staff, customers, and visitors will remain well protected by Designer Extinguishers you can trust.

Are Chrome Fire Extinguishers Legal?

Due to them not being the standard red colour, they are not able to display a Kitemark or BAFE approval. Despite being made of all the same components as their red alternatives, it all comes down to the fact they’re not at least 95% red. However they work and operate in the same way, and they also should enjoy a longer lifespan. The only difference is their shiny appearance, but they offer the same high standard fire protection as their red counterparts meaning they're perfectly legal for fire protection purposes.


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