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Cones and Fencing

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Cones and Fencing

Cones and Temporary Fencing

There are times when you’ll need a temporary barrier on your premises. As such, you don’t want them to cost a fortune, nor to take up precious storage space when they’ll spend most of their time not in use.

However, they’re often essential for countering health and safety issues or for crowd management. A temporary barrier is quick to install, whether you’re looking to restrict access, cordoning off a hazard, or designing an efficient queue.

We have a range to suit your needs, whether it’s for indoor or outdoor use, being used in tough environments such as a construction site, as well as shops, schools and public buildings.

Our JSP range of barriers are sturdy, robust, and perfect for making to fit your specific needs, are quick to erect and require only a small amount of storage space. Available in high-visibility colours, there will be no excuse for anyone not to see them either.

Additionally, good-old-fashioned steel fencing pins are available for you to knock into the ground and to then hang barrier fencing and tape from. This is a cost-effective solution and ideal for outside events and sites.


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