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P50 Self-Service Fire Extinguishers

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P50 Self-Service Fire Extinguishers

Introducing our revolutionary P50 Self-Service Fire Extinguisher range, a game-changer in fire safety. Unlike traditional steel extinguishers, these do not require the expertise of a technician, helping to reduce annual maintenance costs. They are ingeniously designed so any competent member of your team to handle this task, which is why we dub them Self-Service Fire Extinguishers.

Not only have the potential to reduce costs, but they also offer an extended lifespan, remarkable fire suppression capabilities, and a commitment to environmental sustainability. Plus, they’re proudly manufactured in Great Britain by Britannia.

Choose from a selection of extinguishing agents tailored to your needs, including versatile powder fire extinguishers, cutting-edge foam fire extinguishers featuring the all-new Eco-Foam, and a specialised Class F fire extinguisher. We offer a diverse range of sizes to accommodate various settings, from offices and factories to warehouses, shops, and even open-air environments like construction sites.

Rest assured, our P50 service free extinguishers have garnered a stamp of approval from the prestigious BSI Kitemark, attesting to their top-tier quality. Additionally, they hold certifications from UKCA, EN3, PED, and MED, affirming their compliance with industry standards. Elevate your fire safety measures with our P50 Fire Extinguisher range today.

Are P50 Fire Extinguishers Really Service-Free?

It's crucial to bear in mind that while P50 fire extinguishers do require an annual service, they distinguish themselves from other extinguishers by allowing you to handle this in-house, eliminating the need to hire a technician each year. This feature proves invaluable for those situated in remote areas, working unconventional hours, or facing restricted access challenges.

Equally important is the initial commissioning and installation of P50 fire extinguishers, a task best entrusted to a certified fire extinguisher engineer – a service we readily provide upon purchase. This ensures that the extinguisher arrives in optimal working condition, is positioned correctly, and is tailored to the specific locations and associated fire risks.

How Do You Maintain P50 Fire Extinguishers?

Once the P50 extinguishers have been commissioned and installed, you can assume responsibility for the annual inspection. This task is often a straightforward process, taking less than a minute, as you follow the clear instructions provided on the label. During this visual assessment, you'll check for any noticeable signs of damage, ensure the pressure gauges read correctly, verify its cleanliness, confirm it's in the designated location, and confirm that hoses are attached and unobstructed.

These yearly checks should be documented on the designated text boxes located on the back of the fire extinguisher. Additionally, it's essential to make a corresponding entry in your fire safety logbook. Business owners carry the responsibility of providing evidence that extinguishers are diligently maintained in good working order.

The P50's annual maintenance checks encompass the following steps:

  • Verify that the gauge is within the green segment and that the safety pin and tamper tag are securely in place.
  • Remove the magnet from the base of the unit and check the magnetic gauge; the needle should move to indicate it's functioning correctly and displaying the accurate pressure.
  • Confirm that the extinguisher falls within the designated lifespan indicated by the colour date stud.
  • Sign the back of the extinguisher using a permanent marker pen.

Of course, if you prefer not to handle this annual task, our engineers would be more than happy to perform it on your behalf.

There is also an app available for Apple and Google which allows will talk you through how to register and maintain the P50 extinguishers in your premises, and will then guide you through the annual inspection.

What Is The Lifespan Of A P50 Fire Extinguisher?

While most fire extinguishers come with a standard 5-year warranty, Britannia goes above and beyond by providing a 10-year guarantee with all of their P50 fire extinguishers (when the inspection is completed annually). Remarkably, these extinguishers boast an impressive 20-year lifespan, necessitating a factory refurbishment at the 10-year mark.

In lieu of traditional metal construction, which may succumb to corrosion and dents, the self-service extinguisher cylinder is shielded by aramid fibre, rendering it virtually indestructible. Aramid fibre, also known as Kevlar®, was originally developed by the US military and is now widely employed in applications such as bulletproof vests and fire-resistant gloves, owing to its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio.

Additionally, the outer layer of high-density polyethylene is UV-protected to enhance the extinguisher's longevity, even when exposed to outdoor conditions. The headcap, serving as the handle on top, is crafted from stainless steel and nickel-plated brass. This combination of materials ensures that your robust P50 fire extinguisher remains impervious to corrosion, heat-resistant, lightweight, and user-friendly.

Furthermore, when the fire extinguisher reaches the end of its operational life, it is entirely recyclable, underscoring Britannia's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

What Is The Right P50 Fire Extinguisher For My Business?

Our P50 fire extinguishers boast higher fire ratings compared to their steel counterparts. Additionally, our foam-based P50 extinguisher is designed for use on live electrical equipment up to 1000 Volts, potentially reducing the need for multiple extinguishers by replacing both foam and CO2 options.

With our range of Powder and Foam P50 fire extinguishers, you're equipped to combat the most common types of fires, covering Class A, B, C, and electrical incidents. Specifically tailored for kitchens, our Class F P50 ensures you're prepared for fires involving cooking fats and oils.

Rest assured, the safety of our P50 fire extinguishers is guaranteed. They proudly bear the BSI Kitemark and hold certifications including UKCA, EN3, PED, and MED approvals.


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