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Water Fire Extinguisher

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Water Fire Extinguisher

Despite all today's advances in firefighting technology, a water fire extinguisher is still one of the most effective ways to tackle Class A fires, which are fires involving wood, paper, textiles, or fabric. And our 9-litre water fire extinguisher exceeds the required 13A rating with a fire rating of 21A, giving you more fire-fighting punch for your money.

How Do I Use Water Extinguishers?

In the event of a fire involving paper or fabric flammable materials, aim the nozzle towards the fire source, compress the handles, and empty the contents until the flames are extinguished. Their red coloured labels make them easy to identify, and indicate their correct use.

These specific extinguishers are NOT safe for fires involving electrical equipment, as there's an increased risk of electrocution. Alternatives such as CO2 extinguishers or dry powder extinguishers can instead provide protection against electrical fires.

The Benefits of our Water Fire Extinguishers

All our water fire extinguishers are made by Thomas Glover (sister company of Chubb Fire), so you get the same quality and safety standards for less cost. All our extinguishers carry:

  • full BAFE (British Approvals for Fire Equipment) certification
  • BSi Kitemark to BS EN3, (except chrome)
  • CE Mark (a legal requirement of the PED)

Choose from standard red finish, or for an added glamour, opt for our shiny 'chrome' version. Actually made from highly polished stainless steel, this chrome fire extinguisher is also suitable for hygiene sensitive areas too.


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