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Fire Alarm Cables and Fittings

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Fire Alarm Cables and Fittings

Fire Alarm Cables

A leading manufacturer of fire cable, Ventcroft produce cables which are easy to install. This is thanks to being made with no sheaths, wraps or foils which need would need removing to prepare it for termination. The terminals will then fit onto detectors, call points, beacons, and sounders.

The flexible cable will stay where you put it whilst you’re installing, meaning you don’t waste time wrestling with it. Just remember that the cable will need securing into position using cable fittings to ensure they are held in place even during a fire.

These cables meet the British Standards and will stand up to weather, moisture and fire.

Cable Fittings

When there is a fire, you need the fire alarm system to remain in working order. This is why you must use fire resisting cables and fixings. Just ensure that the clips you are fitting are appropriate for the cable and location of the installation. Plus use glands to maintain the fire resistance when the cable goes through enclosures and panels.

Another important aspect is to use enough fittings. It is recommended that a fire cable is fixed at 300mm intervals when it goes horizontally and 400mm for vertical cables. That way, it is secure enough to prevent damage.


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