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Prohibition Signs

Prohibition Signs

Made with photoluminescent material which glows in the dark to encourage 24/7 visibility, our collection of Prohibition Signs warns of hazards that pose a risk to workers in dangerous areas. Such examples include 'No Drinking or Eating' signs in areas which may contain toxic chemicals or 'No Naked Flames' in areas which are at risk of fires due to flammable materials. These signs act as a deterrent to dangerous activities, helping to protect both buildings and people.

Easy to install and read, our collection of signs can be installed using adhesives and placed in visible locations to act as a caution against potential dangers. These signs are available in either portrait or landscape orientations to suit preferences.

What Colour Are Prohibition Signs?

Safety signs come in various styles and designs to indicate safety protocols across various types of buildings. Our collection of Prohibition Signs features a stand-out red colour to indicate a warning or danger, allowing workers to remain safe. Each sign also displays readable text and graphics to warn against specific actions or activities to ensure the well-being of staff and workers alike.


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