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Fire Escape Ladder

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Fire Escape Ladder

Fire Escape Ladder

Fire escape ladders offer an extra means of escape from any first or second storey room. If the main exit from the storey is blocked by fire, this strong aluminium ladder (looks like a rope ladder) allows you to simply climb down to safety.

The Simply Extinguishers fire escape ladder is stored in a box until needed. To make your escape, you simply open your window and hook the strong brackets over the window opening. The rubber feet prevent the hook brackets slipping on your inside paintwork, or on the outer wall either. Then, throw the chain and rung portion of the ladder out of the window, and carefully climb down just like rope ladders.

They come in two lengths; 4.5m for second storey, first floor level and 7.5m for third storey. These life-saving yet simple ladders should be an essential part of your fire safety equipment if you live in a first or second storey room, bedsit, or flat, either with or without an external or dedicated fire escape.

Unfortuately, the popular range of first alert fire escape ladders are no longer available in Europe, but our remaining selection are just as capable.


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