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Intumescent Fire and Smoke Seals

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Intumescent Fire and Smoke Seals

Fire doors are full of components that make them effective at stopping the spread of a fire in order to reduce damage and the risk to life, with Fire and Smoke Seals being one of the most important. Being a door, it obviously has to open, but that then means there is a gap around the door edges.

Fire and smoke will fit through any gap, so with the seals fitted, they will plug that gap to create an effective barrier.

We have a wide range of intumescent door strips which can either be surface mounted or fit into a channel created within the door or frame. When these are exposed to extreme heat, they expand to create an air-tight seal between the door and door seal, capable of providing up to 60 minutes of protection.

That gives plenty of time for everyone to evacuate safely and for the fire services to arrive and handle the situation.

All of our door seals have been tested to British Standard, and have received LANTAC Building Control and NHBC approval.

Know The Difference

Standard intumescent fire door seals react to the heat in the event of a fire simply to stop the spread of fire.

With fire and smoke seals, these help to keep the areas beyond the door smoke-free. These work with a nylon pile that stops smoke passing before the intumescent seal expands, and are also commonly known as ‘cold smoke seals’.

For the highest level of protection, fire, smoke and draft seals use a single or double rubber blade to create an everyday seal. As well as protecting the property and individuals, it’s also a welcomed edition during the colder months.

Hygienic seals (or Quad Seals) are ideal for hospitals, residential care, and kitchens as they can be wiped clean, but also create an acoustic barrier to prevent sound travelling between rooms.


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