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Wildfire Equipment

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Wildfire Equipment

In 2019, the UK saw 17,199 hectares of rural area being burnt – despite wildfires not appearing to be common in the UK. Devastating wildlife habitats and causing a threat to life, wildfires are renowned for their ability to spread quickly, meaning that taking immediate action is required to prevent huge fire incidents. Thankfully, having the correct wildfire equipment nearby can make all the difference.

Although nothing when compared to the wildfires experienced in Southern Europe, Australia, and the Americas, hot and dry spells in the UK mean that wildfires can present a serious risk. Whether it’s an honest accident with a barbeque or cigarette or through a mindless act of arson, outdoor spaces such as trails, holiday parks, and farms should always have wildfire firefighting tools nearby should an emergency situation arise.

What Wildfire Equipment Do I Need?

The fire beater is a classic piece of kit from our wildfire range. Doing exactly what is says on the tin, this piece of equipment is simple to use and effective when it comes to extinguishing small grass fires. A long handle allows you to perform firefighting duties from a safe distance. For areas with a minimal risk, this is often all that’s needed alongside a small fire extinguisher or a fire bucket with sand.

In areas with a more serious risk, a fire rakehoe (aka McLeod tool), allows you to cut small branches and turf, create fire lines, and prevent the spread of fire by removing debris from the fire path. Combining this with a fire rake also allows you to move burning grass, soil, leaves, and other debris to an already-burnt area to effectively contain the flames.

For chopping trees and roots, firefighter axes are a particularly useful tool, while also being effective below the surface when you attempt to remove combustibles from the fire’s path and construct firebreaks.

Try Our Wildfire Firefighting Kit

Specifically designed by us, the wildfire firefighting kit makes it simple to prepare for tackling wildland fires by being fully equipped. Available at the best possible price you’ll find online, the kit contains a rakehoe, rake, long firefighter axe, and a fire beater. All that’s left is to ensure that you have a suitable place to store your equipment.

Complete with corrosion and rot resistance, all our wildfire tools are made with the best materials to ensure that they remain fully functional even when stored outside and exposed to the elements. The important thing is that the tools are kept in a location where they can be quickly accessed in an emergency. Therefore, large open areas may benefit from having wildfire equipment in multiple locations.


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