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Downlight Covers

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Downlight Covers

Manufactured with fire-resistant intumescent materials, our selection of Downlight Covers is suitable for installation around light fittings found in ceilings. These fire safety upgrades improve the passive fire protection measures of penetrated ceilings by adding a layer of fire resistance by utilising the power of intumescent. This material quickly reacts to increasing temperatures caused by fires and expands to seal gaps and voids to prevent fire spread.

Do I Need Downlight Covers?

Building Control specifies, depending on the type of building, that ceilings are required to have at least 30 minutes of fire-rated ceiling boards to ensure the safety and integrity of buildings. However, ceilings are often penetrated to make room for flush or recessed light fittings, which ultimately impairs the fire resistance of ceilings, which is where Downlight Covers come in. 

Made with intumescent, downlighter covers offer a simple solution by preventing fire spread through lighting fixtures in ceilings, as intumescent will expand when attacked by fire to seal the void, effectively preventing fire spread by up to 60 minutes (to match the fire rating of ceiling boards).


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