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Security Lights

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Security Lights

Shield your home or property when you choose to install Security Lighting, designed to activate when motion is detected during darker hours and acts as a deterrent for unwelcome disturbances. Small in size to subtly blend in with environments yet powerful in action, these defensive devices alert property owners of movement on their premises and protect against anti-social behaviours.

What Is Security Lighting?

These safety devices are commonly found along driveways, entrances, sheds, and garden fencing, and are designed to illuminate your outdoor space to create a vibrant atmosphere and defend your home from criminal activity. And with simple installation features, these devices can leap into action immediately once in place.

How Do I Install Security Lighting?

Each product comes with all the necessary installation accessories such as screws and brackets, and can be easily adjusted to find the right angle and placed in convenient locations to suit your needs. With up to 4,000 lumens in light power, these reliable building accessories can cast a light across vulnerable areas and swiftly detect unwanted behaviours.


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