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Dry Riser Equipment

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Dry Riser Equipment

Dry Riser Equipment

In large or tall buildings, dry riser equipment provides the fire brigade with a reliable source to vast quantities of water which allows them to extinguish a fire. A dry riser system allows water to be rapidly pumped to upper storeys of the building, or to low-level buildings with long distances from entrances.

Should a fire occur, the fire service will need to quickly have access to water, wherever they are in the premises. Otherwise, this can cause delays which can put lives at risk and cause a fire to further spread.

Dry Riser Cabinets

The purpose of dry riser inlet and outlet cabinets is to allow for easy access to the vital valves which operate your system, whilst also preventing accidental and malicious use. Secured with slam locks and steel hinges, they’ll keep the components protected for when you need them.

These can either be recessed or surface mounted onto walls.

Dry Riser Valves

Our valves all conform to British Standard 5041 Part 1, and are made of high-quality specialised metals for perfect function when you need it most. There is a choice of valves available, fitting fire brigade standard equipment, and to service all parts and needs of the system.

These range from landing gate valves, air pressure release valves, and drain valves. There are also accessories available so you can easily replace lost or worn items, such as caps and washers, to leather straps and padlocks.

Don’t forget to also check out our Dry Riser safety signs to make sure people are fully aware of what it is, where to find it, and how to operate it.


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