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Intumescent Fire Grilles

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Intumescent Fire Grilles

Improve airflow and ventilation whilst also upgrading fire door performance with Intumescent Fire Grilles, specifically designed for fire doors or solid wall installation. Each grille is manufactured with intumescent which rapidly expands when attacked by flames, quickly sealing the grille to block fires from spreading. Grilles are designed with horizontal louvres to allow air through whilst its steel construction offers durability and protection against the threat of fires.

Are Intumescent Fire Grilles a Requirement for Buildings?

Ventilation is an important element to building structures as it improves air quality and airflow. However, these elements are often at risk during the event of fire emergencies, making them vulnerable to attacks and damage. Intumescent fire grilles offer a simple solution to ensure that gaps quickly seal in the event of fire outbreaks and prevent the spread of flames. The galvanised-steel frame construction and moisture-resistant intumescent core offer quality and durability. Grilles can be installed to fire doors, and come supplied with two air transfer plates to fit on either side of a door, with the intumescent grille installed within the door.

Air transfer plates must be installed within indoor environments including schools, hospitals, offices, shops and other commercial settings. These plates are available in a range of sizes to suit various ventilation systems, and.


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