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Micro Automatic Extinguishers

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Micro Automatic Extinguishers

Discover our range of micro automatic fire extinguishers designed specifically for installation inside electrical equipment. These miniature extinguishers offer a safe and efficient solution to extinguish fires before they cause substantial damage. With more than 30% of reported fires originating from electrical devices, having one of these extinguishers installed ensures the container is filled with a clean agent gas, eliminating the risk of water damage during fire suppression in those critical initial moments.

Available in different sizes, ranging from 100g to 500g, these automatic miniature fire extinguishers are a small investment that prevents significant damage with potentially high costs. We offer options suitable for internal installation within the equipment or external installation with a nozzle placed inside the cabinet.

What Are Micro Automatic Extinguishers Used?

Supplied with a mounting bracket, these extinguishers are easy and quick to install. They require no maintenance and are suitable for various applications, including homes, offices, factories, automotive, marine, telecoms, and computing industries. They are commonly installed within computers, televisions, washing machines, electrical panels, and distribution boards. Additionally, electronics are increasingly being sold with these extinguishers already installed, but they can also be retrofitted to existing devices. By suppressing fires at their initial stage, these extinguishers prevent fires from escalating and causing severe damage.

How Do I Use A Mini Automatic Extinguisher?

Operating similarly to standard automatic fire extinguishers, these mini versions activate when rising temperatures increase the pressure inside the glass bulb. Once the temperature reaches a combustion level, the bulb breaks, triggering the system and instantly releasing the extinguishing agent. Filled with HFC 227ea, a clean agent solution, the liquid inside the canister transforms into gas upon release. This environmentally friendly agent leaves no residue and causes no collateral damage, effectively protecting equipment. These small automatic fire extinguishers prevent costly repairs and preserve critical data.

Requiring no power supply and suitable for installation in virtually any micro-environment, these extinguishers feature a pressure gauge for easy monitoring. They are effective against various classes of fire, making them versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications.


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