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SafetyHub Mobile Stations

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SafetyHub Mobile Stations

SafetyHub Mobile Stations

Providing you with a fully configurable and unique safety point which you can tailor to suit your requirements on-site, the SafetyHub mobile stations are an all-new concept in mobile safety equipment. Withstanding the tough demands of any site thanks to its robust construction, the stations can be moved around easily to accommodate for your needs.

Weatherproof Trolley Cabinets

Supplied with a lockable weatherproof cabinet as standard regardless of the configuration of SafetyHub you require, these are available in a choice of colours – green, red, and yellow. This ensures that it’s easy to identify first aid, fire safety, and spill kit equipment. All featuring an emergency access panel to make it easy to get to the contents when required, these are plenty big enough to store all the essential items.

Thanks to its modular design, the whole unit can be easily condensed down into the wheeled cabinet for storage and transportation. Plus, the robust wheel assembly ensures that it can be moved around the project easily as and when required.

SafetyHub Design

Constructed of a rotationally moulded, UV stabilized polyethylene, the SafetyHub mobile stations from Howler are virtually indestructible and ultra-durable. 100% recyclable at the end of its life cycle, these will never rust, dent, or corrode, which ensures that they will last for many years to come.

Perfect for use in factories, filling stations, on civil engineering projects, on construction sites, at events, and almost any other kind of busy environment, SafetyHub is incredibly versatile and can be used to ensure the safety of everyone on site whether its indoors or outside.

Many of these stations also come complete with clear signing which gets the message out reliably, while its tough construction also means that it is capable of withstanding harsh environments with ease.


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