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Safety Head Torches

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Safety Head Torches

Low-light conditions increase the risk of accidents and injuries, which is where Safety Head Torches step in! Designed to be adjustable to suit the user and also fit tightly against headgear such as helmets to increase the level of your personal safety, these torches brighten the night with a flick of a switch, ensuring you tread safely during darker hours.

When Should I Use A Head Torch?

These devices are particularly useful for night-time activities when visibility is compromised. So should you venture on a late-night run, inspect through areas with no lighting, or explore through darkness, these head torches offer increased visibility and ultimately safety.

How Do You Attach A Head Torch to Safety Helmets?

Our range of safety head torches feature adjustable straps and bands to easily modify to fit. These can also stretch to fit onto safety helmets, and re-adjusted to tightly to sit against headgear.


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