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Traffic Mirrors

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Traffic Mirrors

Traffic Mirrors

Traffic mirrors are a perfect solution for security, surveillance, and safety as they enable you to see in otherwise awkward positions, such as around corners, behind shelving and under cars and seats.

Used on the roadside, on sites, and in warehouses mainly, traffic mirrors eliminate blind spots.

Being able to see at junctions, concealed entrances, and exits, and car parks, whether you’re driving a lorry, car, forklift truck, or pallet trolley reduces the risk of accidents and injuries. It means that you can see what’s happening, as well as everyone else.

The same goes for internal surveillance mirrors which can go in the corner or middle of a room. Often found in small shops to enable a shopkeeper to catch thieves red-handed and in warehouses to monitor activity, their domed shape gives a wide angle of view from most angles.If these mirrors are correctly places, you’ll notice any unexpected from the corner of your eye.


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