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Fire Exit Security

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Fire Exit Security

Fire Exit Security

Fire exit doors are the method through which people will exit in an emergency, but because they’re often abused, fire exit security is essential so they’re ready when needed. There is a range of products which deter them from being used to pop out for a cheeky cigarette, as well as for keeping the door closed and allowing for easy operation.

Panic Bolts and Glass Boxes

One of the best deterrents for unauthorised use is the need to actually break something as it means people are far less likely to get away with it. With a Redlam Panic Bolt, rather than using glass they use the much safer Ceramtubes which, when broken, enables the bolt to slide so the door can open.

Quick and easy to break using the chain and hammer provided, they won’t delay you in an emergency. Plus, the tube is simple and cheap to replace, so won’t cause you a headache when someone does use it.

This is the same logic behind break glass key boxes.

Raise The Alarm

As an added security measure, you can also add an alarm onto the door. That means, as soon as someone even attempts to open the door, a siren will sound and expose the culprit. When it comes to sneakily using the door, this will prevent people from using it unless it is a potential emergency.

Fixing onto the door in various different ways, you should have no problem finding one to suit your fire doors.

Fire Exit Devices

Push bars and bolts keep the door shut, prevent unauthorised use from the other side, and allow the door to be opened quickly in one motion. So when you’re rushing out of the building, you operate the door by pushing on the handle or bar and open it outwards without any delay or holding up a crowd.

Doors closers are also essential on other internal fire doors. Designated fire doors have a variety of different devices which work together in order to prevent smoke or fire spreading, but will only work when the door is closed. With a door closer installed, the door will shut automatically behind someone opening it so you don’t have to worry about people closing it behind themselves.


It is becoming increasingly difficult to actually smash a pane of glass thanks to new technologies. With a Lifehammer or axe, it makes it far easier to break a window when you need to, and without causing yourself any harm.

The smaller Lifehammer devices are ideal for carrying in a vehicle and also double as a safe blade to cut a seatbelt when it is preventing you from exiting. 


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